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Product Description

Gaska Tape's V1500 Series product is a medium density closed-cell Polyvinyl Chloride foam. The tape provides an excellent combination of flexibility and conformability with strength and wear resistance. Performs in those "tough duty" applications where a tape must still flex to fit and seal. Characteristics common to all closedcell vinyl foam products include the ability to make a long life seal against air, moisture, light and dust penetration. Closed-cell vinyl foam completely seals out air, moisture, light and dust when compressed 30% or more.
Performance Characteristics
  • Absorbs shocks, cushions, deadens sound and eliminates excess vibration.
  • Excellent dimensional stability and cushion against heavy loads.
  • Insulates against temperature.
  • V1510 is cast-on a 5 mil 83# super calendared kraft paper.
  • "Swirl-Free" foam that won't move, twist or displace when penetrated by mechanical fasteners.
  • V1500 foam density permits clean die cuts and ease of penetration by fasteners.
  • Black color standard.
  • Other colors available upon request.
Industry Applications
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • H.V.A.C.
  • Industrial
  • Leisure
  • Transportation
  • Retail

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